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     We stock 5 different choices of bulk much. Also bulk river gravel, Bulk White rock, Bulk Black Granite Rock, bulk trap rock & bulk top soil and bulk mushroom compost
Also we now have bulk rubber mulch

     Bagged cypress mulch, Bagged cedar mulch, We also bag any of the bulk mulch
     Several different colors of bagged decorative rocks including Red & Black Lava Rock

        We sell our bulk products by the scoop on a front-end loader. 
        1 scoop is about 22 cu. ft. a little less than a cu. yd.
        3 scoops fit in a full sized pick-up bed
        1 scoop covers approx. a 5 ft x 12 ft area 2 inches thick

Please call 660-341-5777 before you come for mulch so someone can be there to load you. Sorry but there is not always a loader operater on staff.


  1. Premium Red dyed hardwood mulch; Keeps its color year round. Shredded texture.  Great product to use around trees & woody shrubs. We do not recommend its use around any plants that don't have a woody stem or trunk. As it can be hamful to tender flowers & vegetables.
  2. Premium Black dyed hardwood mulch; Same product as red just a different color. Use the same    The dye is not a bug & insect repellant.
  3. Premium Natural hardwood Mulch; Same product as the colored mulch. It has a very nice light brown-gold natural wood look when it's freshly applied but it fades to a weathered gray very quickly.
  4. Shredded & Composted Bark Mulch; This mulch you can use in flower beds around trees or wherever you chose. It has no hardwood in it so its not harmfull to any plants that we know of. Composted Bark has peices of bark that will take some time to break down in your soil so if you don't want peices of bark in your garden or flower beds we recomend to use Mushroom Compost for mulch instead of Bark. But Bark mulch tends to have better weed control than Mushroom Compost.
  5. Mushroom Compost; This mulch is not composted mushrooms as some people think but rather it comes out of mushroom houses where they grow mushrooms for human consumption.  It is made up of composted hay & manure [Usually chicken litter] They periodically change their mushroom growing  mix and it results in a very useful and rich compost for your gardens. It is a great soil amendment for poor, clay soil areas in your garden or flower beds. Lot of people use it to mulch flower beds right after they plant them or along rows vegetable plants in the garden [it's not to rich to use this way]. It has a nice dark color that makes the flowers really stand out and also provides a weed barrier and if weeds do grow up in it they pull very easily. Then in the fall you pull your old plants out and leave the compost there and work it in some.  It will make your soil very nice and loose over several years.
  6.   Top Soil Bulk; This is very nice black dirt with some sand in to help it dry faster and to keep it from getting as hard when it dries out.
  7.   River Gravel Bulk; this is 3/4" ,  1 1/2" and 3"  clean pebbles out of the Mississippi River
  8.  Trap Rock comes from farmington MO A very nice light purple/mauve natural colored crushed 3/4" - 1" gravel
  9. Bulk Black Granite comes from Farmington MO and is a very nice clean dark, 1 1/2" decorative rock. If you spray it with a clear deck sealer it will shine and stay brighter black
  10. Bulk White rock comes from Northeast Iowa and is a bright white 1 1/2" decorative rock

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